My name is Brigitte, I'm living together with Patrick (boyfriend), my 3 dogs and 1 cat in a small town in the North of the Netherlands. 

My oldest dog is a Dutch breed, a Markiesje. His pedigree name is Elliot Charly v.d. Talerna, his daily name is Pim. Pim is born on 19th of April 2014. He is a stud dog. We did some dogshows with him. His show titles are: Dutch junior Champion, Dutch Champion, BeNeLux winner NL & BeNeLux winner BE. He likes doing Agility and I'm doing time to time some Agility competitions with him.

My second dog is the first Norwegian Lundehund Kensi, pedigree name Wandering Glider of Vorkosmia. She is born on 5th of May 2018. She started with Agility, but infortunatly she didn't liked it, but she likes doing dogshows. Her show titles are Belgian junior champion, Dutch junior champion, Belgian Beauty Champion and we're hoping adding more titles in the future. She is the mother of our first Norwegian Lundehund litter.

The third dog is also a Norwegian Lundehund. She's called Frida, her pedigree name is Lunmar's Mamma Mia Anni-Frid. She is born in our house on 2nd of July 2021. She is attending dogshows and she's doing Agility.