Our dogs are living in our living room, they are part of our family. We socialise the puppy's as much as we can, which means that they grow up in the living room and our garden with the other dogs and cat and we will take them to several places.

The puppy's will get a FCI pedigree from the Dutch Kennelclub (Raad van beheer) and will be microchipped. They will be titer tested, if that's not allowed in your country, then they get their vaccination.

If you want more information about our breedingplan, please fill in the form on our website. 

We would like to meet the new owners before the puppy's are born. If you live abroad, we understand that's not a possibility. So please tell then as much as you can about yourself in the email (where you live, male/female dog, breeding plans etc).

We do expect that the new owners pick up their own puppy. 

If you come from far, there are some dog friendly campings, dog friendly accomodations and B+B's nearby our house.